5 Inexpensive Adventure Ideas For 2016

5 Inexpensive Adventure Ideas For 2016
Personally, I always need something to look forward to. Whether it be a trip, a concert, or even a planned dinner with friends. I find it helps me justify why Im working so hard in my job or in my life. Just knowing that there is a reward waiting for me in the near or distant future motivates me to stay positive and get through my day.
Here are some ideas that will help make 2016 a year to remember. Hopefully they will also help you stay positive and motivated.

1 .Go on a Road Trip

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This is a easy one, be spontaneous. Call up your friends, suggest a destination that you've been wanting to visit, round up the troops and head out. The magic of road trips is you can really go anywhere,  as long as your with friends it will always be a fun filled adventure. 

Side Note: Make a road trip Playlist. That way in the future when a certain song plays that was on your road trip playlist it will bring back some funny or not so funny memories. 

2. Go Camping

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Camping is not for everyone, which is why it always results in some great stories and good times. You don't have to go far, just gather some friends and make your way out of the city.

***You will always have a friend who knows a good camping spot...bring that friend***

3. Go to a Music Festival

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Music festivals are popping up everywhere these days so why not take advantage. You can often buy one day pass, a multi-day or a full weekend festival pass. Most festivals offer onsite camping for an extra fee which will allow you to get a bit rowdy and not have to worry about getting home...just back to your tent. 

Side Note - Some Festivals to consider: 

-Pemby Fest - Pemberton, B.C.
-Squamish Fest - Squamish B.C
-Bonnarroo - Manchester, Tennessee
-WayHome - Oro-Medonte, Ontario
-Lollapalooza - Chicago, Illinois

4. Go to an All-inclusive Resort in the off season

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For some reason people always forget that All-Inclusive resorts are open year-round not just at X-mas and March Break. Going to Cuba, Mexico or the Dominican Republic at any other time of the year can be extremely cheap. Get a group of friends together and book a All-inclusive in May or October. Often times you will be able to get a 3-4 Star resort for as little as $500.00 each! Doesn't matter that the resort is dead, just means you and your friends have the entire place to yourselves...including the beach!

5. Rent a Cottage or Beach House


Get some friends together and rent a lakeside cottage, or a beach house for a week. Splitting the costs between 6-8 people can make it extremely affordable an having 6-8 of your friends in one place will always make for a good time. Beach house rentals can in North Carolina, Northern California and Oregon become extremely affordable after the mid august. North Carolina's outer banks in particular offer some crazy deals where you can literally rent a 3 story ocean front mansion with pool and hot tub for $1500.00- $2500.oo/week. Divide that by 10 friends and it becomes a very affordable one week vacation.

For some great option visit:  http://www.tripadvisor.com/VacationRentals-g616326-Reviews-Outer_Banks_North_Carolina-Vacation_Rentals.html

Jesse Delgrosse

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