6 Vacation Travel Necessities You Need

6 Vacation Travel Necessities You Need

Coconut Oil

As you have probably heard the benefits of coconut oil are endless, from hydrating your skin, lowering cholesterol, to repairing dead ends, the list of benefits is literally endless. So why don't you have any yet?...But be aware, not all coconut oils are what they claim to be.

Which is why we recently collaborated with Skinny & Co, and we couldn't be happier about it. I'm not just saying this because we collaborated, in all honestly their product (and business practices) surpass every other coconut oil on the market by a mile. 

This is why:

"SKINNY COCONUT OIL  is 100% Raw, Alkaline Coconut Oil in the world! They use a no heat extraction.  They use a process which cools the coconut to release the oil. No heat means that it is the best it can be and doesn’t loose any goodness. Skinny is the closest you can get to a raw coconut. It is wild harvested, hand picked by farmers in Vietnam and immediately hand pressed in small batches. Skinny & Co. Gives 10% of the proceeds back to Vietnam, they promote clean water initiatives, build schools, teach English and fund their farmers all year-round". 

Our favourite product is the Skinny Body Butter (It's Whipped coconut oil!) which is feels amazing on your skin after a day in the sun. Watch video here: Skinny Whipped body butter

Skinny Coconut Oil  recently launched in Sephora Canada, so if your a skeptic go try some of their products out for yourself before ordering online.

Good Sandals

Verão Co

Verão is a new sandal company out of NYC that is all about quality, not to mention the comfiest sandals we have ever worn. Their sandals are ethically, hand-crafted (in Portugal) out of 100% all natural materials for premium quality, and best of all...made to last! (Unlike your Aldo Sandals)

"We had a vision to create great sandals, that lasted years not a season. Comfortable enough to take you on any new all day adventure but chic enough to wear to out dinner"
                                                                                                        --Owners Amelia & Irina. 


Soulstice Swim

Of course we had to get a few words in here (hehe). 

Every vacation requires a couple new bikinis, and who can not agree that buying a new bikini before your trip gets you excited! 

Make sure to check out our two new prints and new top, available this week @Soulstice Swim/Collections

Beach Bag

Whether your planning on spending your days going on adventures or lounging on the beach, a beach bag is a must. Here are a few that we really like.

The Gypsea

The Gypsea is a new company out of Ottawa, Canada. They have a wide variety of amazing Huipils (handbags and weekender bags) perfect for stuffing your tanning oil, book, and days necessities into before heading to the beach. They are extremely affordable, compared to other similar brands, and are all handmade in Guatemala. Feel good about your purchase by supporting ethical fair trade products made by Mayan artisans on a handwoven loom and locally sourced leather. 

Check the out at http://www.thegypseashop.com


The Sun is stronger then ever before, so why not use that as an excuse to pay a bit more for good sunglasses. They are also a great accessory to spice up your beach attire, such as your new Bikini and Handbag. These are some of our favourites.

Ray Ban - Round (Flash Lens)


Yes, we know you have seen these everywhere, and they may be the most popular sunglasses of 2015. However, like most Ran Ban models they are timeless (Meaning they will never go out of style), and they add a great look to any beach outfit. They are also available with Polarized lenses for $50.00 more (which we highly recommend). 

Quay Australia

This company has a great selection of high quality sunglasses at affordable prices. When it comes to sunglass fashion we have to give it to the Australians.

Check them out www.quayaustralia.com.au

Beach Towel/Blanket

Sometimes there are no sun chairs available, especially if your visiting a remote beach. This is where the beach blanket saves the day. Not to mention they are trending hard right now and make for a great photo op. 

Sand Cloud

Sand Cloud has blown up in the last year and was rated 2015s best startup company in San Diego, and for good reason. They make beautiful beach products that are affordable and give back.

Check them out at www.sandcloudtowels.com


Travel Tip: "Always take a picture of the contents of your bag prior to travelling. If your bag gets lost it is much easier to convince your travel insurance provider or airline of the value of the contents" 

- gringosontherun.com







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