5 Lies To Tell When Travelling (Ladies)

5 Lies To Tell When Travelling (Ladies)
Lying is almost always wrong but when you're traveling there are certain situations where it's a good idea to do so. As travelers, we're often prone to scams harassment, and many other terrible experiences and a simple white lie is often all it takes to deflect this unwanted attention.

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"No, This Isn't My First Time Here"

This lie can be used in many situations and to avoid all kinds of unpleasant experiences.

When you take a cab from the airport, your driver will likely ask you if it's your first time in the city. While it can be tempting to say yes and see if you can gather some insider knowledge, it's best to say that you've been here before. If the driver knows this is your first time in a city, he can take you on a long and winding journey and make you pay double.

If the driver thinks you've visited before, he'll be much more likely to take you directly there. 

This can also be used when meeting locals. If someone finds out it's your first day in a city, they can use that to scam you. You're basically telling them that you don't know where anything is, you don't know how the city works, and you're an easy target.  

"Yes, I have a Boyfriend"

This is more for the solo female travelers out there, and can be used to deflect unwarranted attention. If a guy's annoying you at a bar and won't leave you alone, tell him you have a boyfriend. Take a photo of you and a male friend before you leave to travel and show them the photo of you together. Have a believable story and it'll be much easier to avoid the harassment.

"Sorry, I Can't Remember the Name of My Hostel" 

If you meet someone that seems to be taking a little too much interest in who you are, be sure to put your guard up and make sure you don't give too much away. If someone asks where you're staying, pretend that you can remember the name of your hostel and only describe it to them in vague terms.

The last thing you want is someone knowing exactly where you're staying. 

"No Speak English"

In some parts of the world, the touts can be unbearable. In these situations, simply telling them you don't speak English and shrugging can be enough to deter them. If they try and find out which language you do speak then continue to shrug until they give up and walk away. It'll give you more space and a less stressful travel experience. 

"I'm Traveling With a Friend"

As frustrating as it is, solo travelers are targeted more than any other type of traveler. If you're in an uncomfortable situation or don't want to give too much of yourself away, say that you're travelling with a friend but spending the day apart to explore different parts of the city. It'll make you seem like less of an easy target, especially if you're female. 

Happy and safe travels ladies!

Originally posted by Jesse Delgrosse @gringosontherun.com


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