Born on the summer solstice of 2015, Soulstice Swim is a brand that cares as much about sustainability and ecologically friendly fashion practices as we do about travelling the world.


We know as well as you do how important good style, an incredible fit, and good quality fabric are in order to feel good when you're going on your next cliff jump adventure in Bali or when sipping a spritz on the beach in Positano.


With that in mind, we set out to make the best bikinis possible. Our bikinis hold up to whatever adventures you can throw at them and look just as good straight out of the compostable packaging as they do after 6 months of non-stop surfing or sun chasing - whatever you're into.


Classic, timeless styles in beautiful colours and luxurious, buttery fabrics made out of recycled materials - that's what we're into. Although to be honest, we care a lot more about the adventures you'll be going on rather than what you'll be wearing.


For the sun chasers and adventure seekers worldwide - see you out there.